Integration Events – 3 Minutes Guide

This 3 minutes guide will explain you how to see the Integration Events in ReST client.

In this example we will fetch the events for FUND TRASNFER. We already created an Integration Project and published to T24.
Project Name: MarketPlaceDemo
Event Name: FTMarketPlaceDemo.event
Event Type: MarketPlaceDemo-FTMarketPlaceDemo


Access the Data Service

Temenos Sandbox already have one Data Service that will fetch the events from T24

How to fetch the data from T24 using ReST client please follow this 3 Minutes guide – IRIS Data Service – 3 Minutes Guide

API Name to access events data: /enqIntegrationEventss()
Data Service Name:
Filters: ?$filter=substringof(‘MarketPlace’, EventType) or ?$filter=EventType eq ‘MarketPlaceDemo-FTMarketPlaceDemo’
Complete URL:$filter=substringof(‘MarketPlace’, EventType)

If we don’t provide the filter the it’ll fetch all the events from T24 and slow down the POSTMAN so best practice is only fetch the events in which you are interested. Follow this blog if you want to know more about filters – IRIS Data Service & OData Filters


Now we are going to query to T24 for event type MarketPlaceDemo-FTMarketPlaceDemo by GET method on above mention data service
e.g. /MarketPlaceDemo-iris/MarketPlaceDemo.svc/GB0010001/enqIntegrationEventss()?$filter=EventType eq ‘MarketPlaceDemo-FTMarketPlaceDemo’

We will GET following Response – This response is empty because there is no transaction after creating this event.


Now login to T24 and initiate a FUNDS.TRANSFER and commit the deal in T24



See the events data

Now follow the same steps we did earlier to fetch the events data. Open POSTMAN and GET request on /enqIntegrationEventss() resource

e.g. GET$filter=EventType eq ‘MarketPlaceDemo-FTMarketPlaceDemo’

Response from above request is – This time we received some data


In the response we can see event type and other useful information

and somewhere bottom of xml response you can find the T24 Application name



  • GET request on enqIntegrationEventss() to get empty response
  • Repeat step 1 to GET the events data