Integration Events – 30 Minutes Guide


This guide will help you to deep down into T24 Integration Events. In previous 3 Minutes Guide we acess events in POSTMAN using Data Service and in this guide we’ll:

  • Create T24 Integration Project
    • Create Events
    • Create Flow
  • Publish events in T24
  • View published event flow in T24
  • Initiate Transaction in T24
  • Event data in REST Client


To complete this guide you need:

Create T24 Integration Project

Extract Design Studio – Click here to know more

  1. Launch Design Studio
  2. Create New T24 Integration Project
  3. If you can’t T24 Integration Project then either switch to Integration Studio perspective or Create New Project and then select T24 Integration Studio -> T24 Integration Projects and click to Next
  4. Provide the required details

    1. Fill the project name
    2. Select Enable Project Specific settings
    3. Select Web Service
    4. Ente the IF Service URL from your Temenos Sandbox
    5. Enter the User Credentials & Click on the Finish
  5. After finish above steps you’ll get an empty project in your workspace


Create Events and Flow in your project

Now we have to create Events & Flow

  1. Create Events: Right click on the events folder
  2. Enter the Event name & click on Finish button.
    e.g. FT.event
  3. Select the Exit Point Type and T24 Version details. In this example we have selected comma version of FUNDS.TRANSFER application and exit point INPUT.ROUTINE because we want the event data when user input something.
  4. Now create the Flow for this Event. Click on the Flow tab, enter the Flow name and click on
  5. Here is two option if you want to use any existing Flow then click on Browse button and select otherwise click on Edit.

    In this step we have selected few interested fields and save the workspace.

Publish Event Flow in T24

Right click on the project, go to Integration Studio and click on Publish

You’ll get error message if any problem during publishing the events otherwise you’ll see a success message.


Check availability of this Flow in T24

Login to T24 – Follow this guide to learn How to Login in T24

Once you login type IF.INTEGRATION.FLOW.CATALOG L L in command windows and press enter key. New window will popup and where you can find your Flow by searching according to Flow name


Above I am trying to find all flow contain Demo word, when I click to Find it’ll bring up two result and one of the flow we created in above steps is available in T24.


Click on IntegrationDemo-FTFlow and this will bring up the details of Flow you designed in above steps


Alternatively you can directly type the name of the flow get it directly from T24 command windows



Initiate Transaction and See the event data in POSTMAN

Follow this 3 Minutes guide to see events data in POSTMAN


  • Created T24 Integration Studio Project
  • Design Event & Flow
  • Publish Flow to T24
  • Check this Flow in T24