Setting up EdgeConnect

EdgeConnect is the Temenos user experience platform (UXP).

Installing EdgeConnect
To install EdgeConnect:
1. Go to

2. Click Log In Login icon and enter your username and password.

3. From the menu bar, select MyApps.

4. In Applications, click Member TCIB / TCMB Member TCIB-TCMB icon.

5. You are taken to Google Drive. Click Request Access and then download the whole directory.

6. Install \Member SDKS and design tools\Edge Connect\. After installation:

a. Get the InstallKey.txt file from your installation root: %ProgramFiles%\Temenos\edgeConnect\IDE\InstallKey.txt

b. Send the InstallKey.txt file to MarketPlace will then issue you with a Connect.lic file. This is your EdgeConnect license file.

c. Save your Connect.lic file to %ProgramFiles%\Temenos\edgeConnect\IDE\

d. Restart EdgeConnect.

The application is now fully functional. You are ready to start configuring EdgeConnect.

Configuring EdgeConnect
To configure EdgeConnect:
1. Extract \TCIB TCMB Developer Package\TCIB\TCIB_Retail_Developer_Release_R15.02.7z

Note: You will need to install 7zip to extract the files.

2. Open \TCIB\TCIB_Retail_Developer_Release_R15.02\TCIB\Solutions\Retail\Retail.dsf

3. Edit the following global parameters, using the URLs from Temenos Sandbox:

EdgeConnect - URLs - Temenos Sandbox

4. From the EdgeConnect top menu, select Tools > Options…

5. In the dialog, click the Locations tab and then select Projects and Libraries. Check that:

a. The Project path is TCIB TCMB Developer Package\TCIB\TCIB_Retail_Developer_Release_R15.02\TCIB

b. The Libraries path is D:\Marketplace\TCIB TCMB Developer Package\TCIB\TCIB_Retail_Developer_Release_R15.02\TCIB\Components

 EdgeConnect - Projects - Libraries

6. To save the paths, click OK.

7. From the EdgeConnect top menu:

a. Select File > Open from local File.

b. Go to the following local directory: \TCIB TCMB Developer Package\TCIB\TCIB_Retail_Developer_Release_R15.02\TCIB\Solutions\Retail\

c. Open the Retail.ifp file.

8. From the EdgeConnect ribbon menu, click Process Builder.

EdgeConnect - Process Builder

9. From the Presentation Editor docking window, right-click RichHTML and then click Run.

EdgeConnect - Presentation editor

The new browser opens at the Retail screen. Initial configuration has been completed.

EdgeConnect - New browser