Temenos T24 – 3 Minutes Guide


T24 is Temenos’ core banking software and provides end to end banking solutions for major banks across the globe.

The core product is collection of Suites which encompass the business needs of any Bank.


Login in to T24

If you are MarketPlace Provider; check your Temenos Sandbox product and get the BrowserWeb url to login in T24.


Get the T24 User Name and Password from Temenos Sandbox and click on Sign in



Initiate a Fund Transfer

Now we are going to Initiate Funds Transfer in T24. Type FT I F3 or FUNDS.TRANSFER I F3


Note: FT is shortname of FUNDS.TRANSFER

Enter the required details of Fund Transfer

If you don’t provide the required information then error message will display on the window, If all the information correct then you’ll get successfull message of Funds Transfer with transaction reference number. You need this transaction reference number to authorise this Fund Transfer


NOTE: You can avoid authorise a transaction by using comma version of Fund Transfer.

e.g. use FT, I F3 or FUNDS.TRANSFER, I F3 instead of FT I F3 or FUNDS.TRANSFER I F3


Authorise the Fund Transfer

Login to T24 with different user to authorise the above Funds Transfer. Inputter is not allowed to authorise any transaction. In T24 you can configure how many authoriser are required for a transaction.

Enter this command in command window FT A FT151120BTHZ or FUNDS.TRANSFER A FT151120BTHZ


Click on the Authorise a deal button


You will see a success message for successful transaction


Now this transaction is LIVE in T24



  • Login to T24
  • Initiate a Funds Transfer
  • Authorise the Funds Transfer