What is Temenos Sandbox

Temenos Sandbox

Temenos Sandbox is designed to help you develop solutions for T24, Temenos’ core banking software. Temenos Sandbox is a web-based service that gives you access to:

Resources Description
TAFJ Model Bank 201601 A recent release of our fully functional model bank, built on TAFJ (Temenos Application Framework Java)
T24 201601 Full release of our Temenos T24 core banking software
TCIB Temenos Connect Internet Banking
TCMB Temenos Connect Mobile Banking
Jboss 6.3 Application server


As a MarketPlace provider, you can use the following interfaces to develop T24 solutions:

Interface Description
Integration Service Use this interface for the T24 integration catalog, asynchronous transactions and runtime polling for events
TCMB/TCIB Data Services Use this interface to develop Temenos Connect mobile banking services
Member SDKS and Design Tools Use these resources to design your widgets, events packages & Data Service APIs


Accessing Temenos Sandbox
To access Temenos Sandbox:
1. Go to

2. Click Log In Login icon and enter your username and password.

3. From the menu bar, select MyApps.

4. In Applications, click Temenos Sandbox  Temenos sandbox icon.

Your Temenos Sandbox page opens. This page displays the credentials and URLs you need to access the interfaces.

Credentials and URLs
Temenos Sandbox provides you with the following credentials and URLs.

Temenos Integration Service
Design time – inbound and outbound metadata discovery:

URL http://<IP.ADDRESS>:<PORT.NUMBER>/axis2/services
Credentials Username INPUTT
Password 123456


Runtime – event polling or outbound request execution:

Remoting Host <IP.ADDRESS>
Remoting Port <PORT.NUMBER>

Note: This is re-directed to the JBoss remoting port 4447 by the VM endpoint rule

Credentials Username SSOUSER1
Password 123456


Temenos Connect Mobile Application
The Temenos Connect Mobile API provides internet services to the Temenos Connect application – a mobile user-agent – including Direct Debits, Funds Transfers, Standing Orders and Messages.

URL http://<IP.ADDRESS>:<PORT.NUMBER>/TCMBCommon-iris/TCMBCommon.svc/GB0010001/
Credentials Username ROLFGERLINGTC
Password 123456
Password 123456


Temenos T24 Browser user interface
This user interface is designed for bank staff, such as Tellers, Advisers and Account Officers, who want to carry out banking tasks.

URL http://<IP.ADDRESS>:<PORT.NUMBER>/BrowserWeb
Credentials Username INPUTT
Password 123456


Invite users to give access to Temenos Sandbox
You can also invite other users also to work on your solution, here are the simple steps to invite other users:
1. Login to Temenos MarketPlace.
Go to

2. Click ON Manage → Account.

3. Now to Dashboard and type the user’s email address and click on invite.


4. Invitation will sent to the user on the behalf of you.

Assigning Temenos Sandbox to other users
Assigning Sandbox to other user will give full access on the Temenos Sandbox and this will be Shared Sandbox to all users you assigned.
1. Login to Temenos MarketPlace.
Go to

2. Click Log In Login icon and enter your username and password.

3. From the menu bar, select MyApps.

4. In Applications, mouse over Temenos Sandbox and small gear icon, this will take you another page where you can select user to assign and deselect to unassign the user.

Temenos Sandbox

5. In this screen select the user(s) and click on Save Changes. If you can’t see the user then click on Add More Users.

Assign Users to Apps

6. After this Assigned user can login to MarketPlace Portal and can find Temenos Sandbox in his My Apps section.