Getting your solution to market

Once you’ve become a MarketPlace provider, there are 4 stages to get your app up and running and get the revenue it generates:

  1. Development
  2. Certification
  3. Marketing
  4. Payment of revenue

1. Development:

Your development team will get:

  • a dedicated T24 sandbox environment in the cloud for the development of the apps
  • access to the documentation and development tools such as the user experience environment Edge IDE and the Temenos design studio
  • access to the developer forum
  • access to the MarketPlace community platform for product searching and market research

As they develop an app, your development team will be able to test it in their dedicated T24 sandbox environment in the cloud.

For more information about the resources available, check out the Support & Training section. It includes information about our architecture, getting started guides and videos, FAQs and product documentation.

 2. Certification:

Once it is ready, you can submit it for certification by Temenos, as per the terms and conditions in your MarketPlace provider agreement.Certification overview

Criteria Pass/Fail Notes
Software License The Products  MUST include a license notice and MUST NOT make any attempt to circumvent Temenos software licensing restrictions
Open Source Software Products that make use of open source or freeware libraries MUST adhere to all applicable license restrictions.- see detailed guidance -> Assignment and reporting of the MarketPlace Provider Product ID section
Security and standards The Products SHOULD be secure against common vulnerabilities and SHOULD adopt appropriate Software Standards – see detailed guidance -> Software Coding Standards section. The Product must not contain any malware or viruses.
Performance Products  SHOULD adopt an architecture that ensures the solution will scale – see detailed guidance -> Temenos Performance Recommendations section
Upgradable The Products MUST only use supported Temenos interfaces – see detailed guidance -> Supported interfaces section
Content The Products MUST NOT include any profanities or otherwise offensive or illegal content.

The Product must not suggest or infer that Temenos is the source of supplier of the Product. The Product must not use protected third party content such as trademarks, copyrights or patents, without express written approval.

Data collection The Products MUST NOT be used to collect or share any user data to the software publisher – see detailed guidance -> Data sharing section
Documentation The Products SHOULD include appropriate implementation and configuration guides.

Click here for full and detailed guidance.

3. Marketing:

We will:

  • promote your solution through our virtual shop window, where products are searchable by Google
  • market your product through marketing and sales activities to existing customers and prospects, including events, campaigns, social media
  • work with you so that you have the necessary tools to include your solution in your own marketing and sales activities

4. Revenue share:

We operate a revenue sharing model where:

  • you will revenue share with us on leads that turn into sales and receive payment from us when your product it is sold through the Temenos MarketPlace
  • Temenos will:
    • accept UX widgets and apps, platforms, integrated solutions and financial solutions in MarketPlace
    • generate leads, qualified leads and provision services via the MarketPlace store in the Cloud