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In this post you are going to learn how to reset a password from USER application in T24:

  • Log into BrowserWeb and check details of the User to be reset


In order to reset/ unblock a user you need to have access to the system through another user.

To avoid the situation in which you may block two users, it is advisable to create an additional user, which you can use to unblock the others. In order to create another user, please check – How to create a user in T24

How the password can be reset:

Log into the BrowserWeb with an user for which you know the password

If you’re a MarketPlace provider, you can get the URL of the T24 browser (BrowserWeb) and T24 access credentials from your Temenos Sandbox.

In order to determine the ID of the user of which password you want to reset:

Type “USER”:

Press Enter and next window is displayed:

Suppose the user for which I want to reset the password is TFSUPER1.

You can type just a part of the user name, for example “TF” or “TFS”, scroll down on the arrow and the entries that start with that name will appear

You can see that User Id and Sign On Name are different.

Select TFSUPERVISOR1 (the user ID) and open it (press edit button or just press enter key)

Identify the value of Classification field as per below picture:

Note1: You will need to check the same option, later when re-setting the password.

Note2: The classification indicates whether the User is ‘Internal’, i.e. an employee of the bank using T24, or ‘External’, i.e. a customer.

If the user is defined as EXT (external) then you should enter the valid customer and account numbers into the fields Customer and Account.

Type “PASSWORD.RESET,” (the comma from the end it is important in order to skip the authorization) and press Enter:

Next window is open:

Type a number that does not exist here, for example 112233 (any number, random choice) and then press enter:

Note: If you want to check which numbers are already in use, click More Actions > List Live File > press enter

Next window is open:

In this screen, you need to complete the following:

  • User Reset – fill the User Id that you’ve identified previously in USER application (not Sign On name)
  • Type a password of your choice of minimum 6 characters
  • Select User Type (the same as in field Classification from USER application)
  • Press commit button

Transaction is complete:

Log out and sign again in BrowserWeb with the Sign On name of the user unlocked (in this case, TFSUPER1) and the password inputted a step before, at PASSWORD.RESET

When signing in, the next screen will appear. Insert a new password (for example 654321)

You are now logged in T24 with the new password


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