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Creating a new CUSTOMER in T24 using POSTMAN

31 March 2016 by

Introduction In this post we are going to: Create new customer. Validate the customer. Commit the deal. Similar to CUSTOMER application, we can also create account for customer, fund transfer and other T24

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Start with Prospect IRIS & Integration Events

18 March 2016 by

Introduction Prospect-IRIS is sample project for develop banking APIs. This project using IRIS and works with Temenos T24.   Prerequisite Github Account - visit to create an

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IRIS Data Service and OData Filters

11 March 2016 by

If you don’t know what is the IRIS or IRIS Data Service click here IRIS to know more about IRIS Data Service. What is OData? OData is a data access protocol that defines the best practice for building and consuming

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How to access TCMB data service using ReST client

24 February 2016 by

This post explain how to access data service using ReST client.  Introduction Temenos Connect Mobile Banking (TCMB) Data service built on top of IRIS. IRIS is an open source runtime framework for Interaction, Reporting

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