• The Temenos Marketplace is a great opportunity to reach out to a large number of clients and let them experience all our latest technology innovations. Our Quality Suite has been chosen by banks and financial institutions globally, in transformational and multiple rollout projects, reducing overall project costs, significantly improving quality and delivering ultimate end user experience.

    Vaios Vaitsis, Founder and CEO of Validata Group
  • With the convergence of fintech start-ups, high consumer expectations and new open banking standards driven by PSD2, the time is now for the financial services industry to go digital. Apigee is excited to work with Temenos to help their banking customers from all over the globe accelerate their digital transformation with APIs. Our Open Banking API Accelerator simplifies and speeds up the development of open banking digital services, enabling financial institutions with the agility, innovation, and data interoperability they need to transform the banking experience.

    David Andrzejek, Head of Financial Services, Apigee
  • Together we provide customers, particularly those in the Financial Services sector, with the compliance and reliability they need to avoid errors or delays, both of which can have a significant, direct impact on an organization’s bottom line

    Nabil Ben Abdallah, Vice President of Sales for the Middle East, Automic
  • Seamlessly integrated into the T24 architecture, Temenos customers can leverage the scalability of cloud computing for federated search safe in the knowledge that the indices, keywords and results are all encrypted end-to-end, and the hosting provider has no visibility into the data they are computing

    Jordan Brandt, CEO and Cofounder, Inpher
  • We are really excited about making the Open Bank Project API available to banks via the Temenos MarketPlace! This brings our vision of open banking one giant leap forward. Kudos to Temenos for recognising the potential of open banking APIs

    Simon Redfern, CEO, TESOBE / Open Bank Project
  • The marketplace has proven to be a great new channel to showcase our software to new and existing customers. Recently, a member of the Temenos pre-sales team found one of our business apps on the marketplace whilst searching for a document upload solution for a new client. After introducing our solution to the bank, they got in touch with us and brought it straight away!

    Marc Jenkins, Sales Manager, EFS Technology
  • We are very excited to join MarketPlace initiative from Temenos – a global leader in providing mission-critical banking and financial software with our innovative Interact DX – to deliver our customer communication management product suite. We are always exploring ways to provide the next wave of innovation to the BFSI industry, and this provides a platform for us to reach a great number of financial institutions with cutting edge solutions that enhance customer experience and communication.

    Naveen Mehta, EVP and Head of Europe, Aurionpro