What do you get?

What do you get?We work closely and collaboratively with our providers and partners to deliver innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs.

Your MarketPlace provider fee includes:

  • a dedicated T24 sandbox environment in the cloud for the development and testing of the products, prior to publishing
  • access to the documentation and development tools such as the user experience environment Edge IDE and the Temenos design studio
  • access to the developer forum
  • access to the MarketPlace community platform for product searching and market research
  • the ability to submit products for certification and publication into MarketPlace (see MarketPlace provider agreement for further details)
  • the promotion of your products on the MarketPlace webstore, all searchable by Google
  • the promotion of your products by Temenos – Sales and marketing activities – to existing customers and prospects

Check out in more details the 4 stages to getting your innovative solutions to market.